Monday, 24 September 2007

My 10 days post op checkup

I saw the consultant today and he was happy with my scars. He took the dressings out of each of my ear and took off the steristrips each of my ears. And said they look great, the operation went OK and the electrode test went great too. So all in all everything went great - phew! I'm relieved!

Whilst he took the dressings out of my ear canal, the right ear that he did, cor, didn't half hurt when he pulled it out - it felt like a cork stopper pulling out of a wine bottle. I even said "bloody hell" and jerked and banged the surgeon's knee! Also the steristrips were definitely stuck to my head as he pulled them off and that was a bit sore too.

However, the consultant still hasn't received the x-ray results and is waiting for the ex-planted ear implant report. So I hope to hear from him at some point, perhaps by letter or to see him. However it is always only ever a 5 minute chat with him and it's over. He's always straight to the point and never messes about. However he gave me an interesting insight in that the dressings in my ears and steristrips and the bandage all helps to make the wounds heal faster, that is why the dressings are left in my ear. I have to say he is right because the scars are very clean!

So glad that the dressings and strips all taken off as I feel a human being again!

All that remains now is a date for the switch on, x-ray results and ex-planted ear implant report. I'm really curious to know what they find in the report and to hope that the x-rays are all ok. Perhaps I'll chase up on that next week and see if there is any news about it.

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Abbie said...

I'm so glad to see that your check up went well! Here in the states we don't have the options for steristrips. We get the actual stitches or least I was the lucky one that did..yay note hint of sarcasm. I can't wait to hear about your switch on date!