Tuesday, 11 September 2007

3 days to go....

Crikey, time really flies doesn't it? I've still got this annoying tickly cough as it wants to linger around. No matter how much healthy food I eat, it just won't go away! I'm so cross with this cough as it always crop up late in the evening, niggling away at me.

I just hope it really clears up by Thursday afternoon when I'm at Southampton. I shall be seeing my surgeon, Mr Pringle, first, then it will be to the hospital to check in for the night as the operation will be early on Friday morning from 8.30am onwards! I'll be woken up early and certainly won't have had a good night sleep either especially in a bed on a ward. Not looking forward to that.

It seems to be standard practice going in to hospital on a Thursday and be out on Monday. I was lucky last time in coming out on Sunday instead but doubt it'll happen like that this time as having the simultaneous bilateral.

Fingers crossed that my cough goes completely by Thursday. Run run cough go away and don't come back!

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