Thursday, 4 October 2007

Waiting......for the switch-on

It was great on Saturday 29th Sept, to finally being able to wash my hair. I thought it was safer to do this in the bath rather have a shower. Glad I did because I slept really well that night and didn't have any aches that night from my left ear. I did have a lot of aches from the moment I was discharged up until the day I was my hair. In fact since then my ears don't hurt at all now, so strange! I still sleep with my pillows in a "V" shape but occasionally I can sleep on my right side with any problems. The left I am bit conscious of because it seems to be more sensitive than my right.

I shall be waiting for my switch on which is on the 29th October. It'll have been 6 and a half weeks since I had the op. Usually the switch on is between 3 and 6 weeks whereas for some reason my switch on is a bit beyond! Well, at least the swelling on my implants will have gone down and it'll give my ears a chance to heal from the wounds a bit more.

In fact I can't believe how well I've recovered from the op. It's almost as if hasn't taken place. The only reminder is at night when I put my head down to sleep.

I'll be kept busy between now and until the switch on because it'll be my birthday soon and also my youngest son's first birthday too. Loads to look forward to although not chuff to bits about being a year older myself. Time has gone by really quick since last year, it is my eldest son that has made it whizzed by! Being kept busy with him as he suffers from ADD. At times he's brilliant and at other times a real nuisance! But then boys will be boys!

Got some really gorgeous Autumn weather lately in fact it is really mild weather. Most unusual, I think because it is normally cold and wet at this time of year. Just love the autumn leaves and the conkers falling down and the blackberries for puddings, yum. In fact I had better go and bake one for the weekend, a real treat!

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Jennifer said...

Elaine...Monday is the BIG DAY!!!! Are you excited?!?!?!? *hugs*