Saturday, 8 September 2007

7 days to go...

Well 14th September is certainly coming closer and closer. It is hard to prepare myself psychologically but I think I'm getting there.

I've been making other preparations too, such as weaning my youngest off from breastfeeding. I've been breastfeeding him early morning and before bedtime each day. Whereas today, this morning I've stopped that and gave him his bottle of milk instead. He had been using doidy cups for a long time now but this week by surprise he managed to suck the bottle's teat instead. I was amazed but relieved as it will be easier for my hubby to look after him whilst I'm in hospital and recovering. It was very sad but I knew it had to stop at some point and it seems a good time to stop. After all he's been doing it for nearly 11 months. I shall stop the evening feeds too this coming week before the op and then that will be it forever. It seem hardest to let go as he's my last child as can't have anymore either. It's certainly been a rollercoaster since June 2006. I'm hoping for a really good CI journey and that I don't have any further set backs for a long long time.

My cold is much better this week in that I've not coughed as much, just in the evenings and in the nights. Last night was the best night as it was the least amount of coughing so managed to get some more sleep, hooray!

However, I was worried on Thursday about my coughing as had to go to the dentist for a new filling. I thought it would be a quick filling job but it took an hour! My jaw was stuck open for an hour! It didn't half ache at the end and having to lie still for so long too and keeping my head still! Nightmare! However, this new dentist is definitely better than the last one I had cos I had a crap filling done whereas this new dentist sorted it all out and looked like new! I was so impressed! I couldn't believe how good my tooth looked! Amazing! Throughout the dental treatment I didn't cough one bit - and it showed I am getting better!

Hope my coughing gets much lesser today and that I'll be fit and ready for the op - let alone my nerves! It is going like the clappers thinking about it!

I had better go and keep busy so that it takes my mind of it.


Jennifer said...

It'll be here before you know it, Elaine :) I'm SO excited for you!! I wasn't scared...just excited...and everything went great, no problems...I'm sure that you'll do just wonderfully and will be on the road to better hearing in no time!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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