Monday, 12 January 2009

Catching up

Well I finally got a good time slot today to catch up on everything since I last posted last year. It's been such a rollercoaster last year with alot to think about on my plate. Since I last posted, my father in law passed away on 30th March. It was a really hard time because he didn't slip away as comfortable as we would like him to. The cancer had caused him so much pain that rapid response team had to regularly come and give him shots of morphine. It was very hard for my hubby to constantly worry about him as there were times when they thought he was going but then hanged on and hanged on until he was told it was ok to go. So he passed away and I was glad that he wasn't suffering any more. However, my late parents passed away on 1st April 1994 and with the date so close together of my father in-law and my parents, I was kind of spooked. It really churned it all up again as it's taken me years to find my grieve for my parents less painful and easier to cope with.

A few weeks after the funeral, my hubby, suffered a horrible flu that was onset by my youngest son's high temperature. The flu made him loose balance and fall over constantly. He had an ear infection and after weeks of getting it clearered up with different brands of antibiotic the dizzy spells weren't going away. In September we went to see an ENT consultant at a private hospital and was told nothing can be done to cure the dizziness. He has labrythinitis. He still has it despite of no sign of it disappearing. He's learning to manage with it. It's changed his life alot as there are certain things he can't do, such as spinning round and round with the kids as this makes the dizziness worse. We've had such a lot of support and prayers from our local church and they've been fantastic. It worries me alot of his illness and dread him going to work every day in the car so early in the morning as I'm sure it makes the dizziness worse but in fact it is worse when he's home in the evenings from work. He never moans about it but there are physical signs of him going dizzy and I can spot them.

On the bright side my bilateral CIs are doing really well as in November last year I had my annual review and just recently had my review report sent in the post to me. It's a bit technical this bit but here goes...

Soundfield Aided Thresholds I had my left and right ear tested separately. My left ear at the following: 250Hz 20dB, 500Hz 15dB, 1000Hz 15dB, 2000Hz 20dB, 4000Hz 15dB. My right ear at the following: 250Hz 40dB, 500Hz 30dB, 1000Hz 35dB, 2000Hz 25dB, 4000Hz 25dB.

I was impressed that they've both improved, especially my right ear!

Speech Perception Tests. These were presented through a computer test station at 65dB(A). Speech tests can be presented in a sound alone condition or on video, with sound and visual presentation. These tests were carried out with both cochlear implants.

I had visual presentation turned off and BKB Sentences (just voice only through the speakers). The BKB Sentences done with Sound of Speech in quiet I scored at 99%. The BKB Sentences done with Sound of Speech in adaptive noise I scored at 2dB SNR!!! AB Words done with Sound of Words in quiet I scored of Phoenemes at 85% and Words at 75%. It's a tough test with just one word said at a time and nothing to help you what the word is about. Overall I was chuffed to bits with my progress. I had hardly any mapping changes because of the progress I've done would ruin all my efforts in learning to hear. The CIs are stable and happy now and even the impendance telemetry and no changes are found on any of the electrodes which shows they are all stable now and working well.

Then December was a horrible month of high temperatures, flu, followed by tummy bugs and it was on Christmas, thankfully, had no bugs but then we had the colds again very soon after that. It's still lingering but lingering less and less each day! Christmas shopping was a really struggle with getting presents etc for people. However it was a good Christmas although a worry about my mother in law as it is her first Christmas without her husband. However she's got fantastic support from her daugher and her family in that she was able to stay at her daughter's house.

My eldest son has just turned 13 recently so we've got the terrible teenage years ahead of us and the terrible twos too! However, thankfully my middle son just turned 4 which is a nice age as he'll be going to school in September so got some exciting months ahead of him and is learning alot. Whereas meal times are a nightmare for my youngest and eldest in that they won't eat properly and yet my middle child is getting better at meal times. It shouldn't be stressful at the table when we have our family supper each night. Hopefully this will improve.


Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Elaine! Wow!

I was happy to see your blog update. You've had quite a year!

I'm glad that you're doing so well with your CIs! You need them functioning properly so that you can keep up with a 2, 4 and 13 year old!!

Jennifer :-)

Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hey Elaine,

Woop! finally got round to updating your blogs!

What a year you had, eh! Glad your doing so well - keep up with the good work!

katie x

Anonymous said...
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Discpad said...

Elaine, you mentioned your husband had labyrinthitis -- I had it in Feb 2009, and I was flat on my ass.

Has your husband's vertigo cleared up yet? If not, there are small crystals in the vestibular semicircular canals that can become dislodged. There is a special manoeuver (I forget the name of it) where he would lay down and the ENT would snap his head in a certain direction. Ask your ENT.

Dan Schwartz,
Editor, The Hearing Blog