Wednesday, 12 March 2008

How am I getting on with my bionic ears?

It's been a while since I've posted because I'm a busy mum with my three boys and keep trying to find time to do auditory training with my right ear but it's really hard. However , I think it needs a new mapping in both of my ear because I've reached maximum volume again, it started happening since last week and I'm not scheduled until April for the next mapping.

I went to a cochlear implant gathering a couple of weekends ago and it was great fun although over too soon! I travelled for the first time on my own all the way to the other side of the UK - Cambridge! It was a long journey and only stopped once for a loo trip - I was busting! However, I surprised to find that I still had energy for the evening's gorgeous 4-course meal at a lovely old college in Cambridge. Fantastic place, although couldn't see much of it because it was so dark. I really enjoyed my time in Cambridge and it was all over too soon when I had to drive back. I was shattered because this time my driving went into night time driving and had to cope in driving on roads where there was no lights - I wasn't used to that.

On a separate note, I have a friend who is deaf and is doing a race for life running event in Bath and I've got a link shown on the right hand side so that anybody can put in a donation for her. I've started the ball rolling by putting in my first donation. I really hope that it doesn't rain on that day - I think it is 1st June that the event is going to happen.

However, another separate note, sadly my father in law is facing his last few days after battling bowel cancer since about two years ago. It has been a rollercoaster time for him and to see him the way he is at present is so hard to put into words. I couldn't face seeing him when my husband went with my younger son to visit. I had learnt from the death of my parents (they passed away 14 years ago on 1st April - on a Good Friday) and of my grandmother in that same year of August, in that it is best to remember as they were. It reminds me of the poem - a thousand winds - here are the words I've always remembered since then - it is a beautiful poem so easy to remember and meaningful too.


Abbie said...

It sounds like you are adjusting wonderfully! I love the energy that comes with the CI's!

elizabeth said...

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