Thursday, 10 January 2008

3 months tuning/hearing tests

Well, I can't believe that Christmas was very busy and also gone very quick. It was a lovely Christmas although it would have been brilliant with my eldest son, here with us but unfortunately he was with his father for the week. However we had him home from the day before his birthday for a week so that was nice as it meant that he was here for my younger son's birthday who turned 3. Two birthdays in one week! But it was a good Christmas because I enjoyed hearing again and didn't miss out on anything.

Well I went for my 3 months tuning session on Monday 7th January and wasn't expecting hearing tests but I should have known really because it happened when I had my first implant but this time it was loads and loads of tests because having two ears for testing and not one ear!

Anyway, the tests were:

All sound tests at level of 65dB

Cuny sentences (lipreading and listening to the man) left CI score of 99%

BKB sentences (listening to man only & no lipreading) left CI in quiet score of 95%
BKB sentences ( -----------ditto --------------------) left CI in noise score of 85%

CUNY sentences (lipreading & listening to the man) right CI score of 75%
BKB sentences (-----------ditto---------------------) right CI in quiet score of 19%

BKB sentences (listening to man only & no lipreading) right and left adptive noise of speech v noise SNR of 0.5 dB
BKB ---------------------------ditto-----------------left adoptive noise of speech v noise SNR of 2.5dB

AB words (listening to man say one word at a time & no lipreading) right and left CI in quiet 81%
AB words (----------------------ditto----------------------------) left CI only in quiet 62%

So all in all the two implants are working together and the right ear having had tests of just listening to the man with no lipreading at 19% might not sound much but having never heard out of that ear ever since I was little is showing that I'm practising hard with my right ear. And to lipread with the right ear on its own is brilliant too. I am so chuffed how well I did in these tests after a hectic Christmas and birthdays!!

I am beginning to enjoy being bilateral more now whereas the last three months was hard because of the sounds in my right ear wasn't very much information but am now making out some words as you can see from my results with the right ear. I shall continue to work hard with my right ear.

I also had some other changes to my mapping in that with the t-coil I've asked for it to include the built in mic which is a 50/50 setting. I'm trying this out but at the moment I'm not that happy with it as it is including sounds around me and I can't fully concentrate on what is said coming through the t-coil. I'll give it another go for a while. Am trying to get around the "hissing" sound that I get from the t-coil.


Abbie said...

WOW!! That is one sexy set of scores you got there :) 19% is awesome for an ear that you never heard out of!

I'm thinking about getting my "good" ear done... How do you do with all the hardware?

Elaine CI journey said...

Abbie, thanks for your compliment. I feel rather proud of myself. I'm so glad that I took the decision to become bilateral.