Thursday, 29 November 2007

My fourth mapping on Monday 26th Nov

I had my fourth mapping on Monday. It was not as I expected the tuning
session to be. I had expected to have both processors tuned and
mapped. Instead it was only my right ear that was mapped. I was
puzzled why they didn't do my left ear.

Interestingly it was because my left ear doing so well that it didn't
need mapping and that my right ear was mapped to try and balance both
ears. So I had each electrode checked for loudness levels and then each
electrode compared with the next electrode to check for loudness level
between the two. This was the same with all the others. All the
electrodes apart from electrode one is all stable, thank goodness! When
I had these electrodes sorted out, the audiologist then got lots of
musical instruments and a had a good go and testing each one near my
ear! Blime me, I felt like a child!

Anyway, I had an aided threshold hearing tests to see how my right ear
was getting on, the last hearing tests three weeks ago was around
40-60dB across the speech range whereas now it is 30-40dB across the
speech range! I was stunned! I didn't think I did that well. Although
I still have a dip in the middle of the speech range but a lot better
than what it was before.

So good news about the right ear's progress. I did some speech therapy
too with just my right ear and the speech therapist was impressed!


Abbie said...

It amazing that that we can go from barely hearing a jet to a mild hearing loss all because of our little bionic buddy. Amazing strides you are making! Keep up the good work :)

Deb said...

Good reading!! Sounds like you are starting to take off nicely with your new ears! I have been so busy myself I can barely believe it! How do you like hearing babies crying? : )


Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas from the USA! Hope yours has been wonderful!!!!

Elaine CI journey said...

Hi Jennifer, it was the best Christmas I've had for a long while.Hope you had a great Christmas yourself. Happy belated New Year!