Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Neptune - world's only swimmable sound processor makes waves!

What is Neptune?

It's a funny word - Neptune.   I wondered what it was and it's a cochlear implant device for being able to use in the swimming pool, bath, shower, jacuzzi - anything with water!    

Here it is what it looks like:

Cool Neptune makes sounds possible to hear on water
You can choose your own colours on your Neptune (click on the link in)  It's great fun!

I can imagine being in the water with the Neptune trying to make sure my boys don't get naughty in the water when we go swimming and I can go to swimming lessons!  That would be heaven!  I've never been able to swim in the water very well because swimming lessons to deaf children was not available in my old days!

Neptune colours
Choose your own Neptune colours
Do you like my colours? Let me know what colours you like. Give it a go! (click on the link above)

Here is more information about Neptune on the Advanced Bionics website - when you go on the website, you'll see on the right hand side a Video Link button that will show you a series of mini-videos.  The last mini-video has a video called "Our Breakthrough" and this will be about Neptune.  And also on this video link it has a transcript available to download.  The transcript file is enormous because it contains various languages and so I've extracted the English version for the "Our Breakthrough" video, here it is below.  I can see the Neptune proving to be an invaluable and important device for all to be able to hear in the water.   The opportunity to do this is great as it can help us be better swimmers such as having swimming lessons.

Here in the UK, we have Dave who has a Neptune and he's been getting to grips with how his Neptune works, here is his blog http://davesdeafhead.wordpress.com/

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