Sunday, 15 July 2007

Exceptional circumstances committee's response

Well, I finally got the response earlier this week and this is the following comment that I got from my cochlear implant team, says:
We have just heard from the PCT - unfortunately they have misunderstood
our request and your case will have to go back for consideration at a
meeting scheduled for beginning of August. We have sent further letters
of clarification today.

We will be in touch again as soon as we have some more news for you.

Hmm, my reaction to that was that I was very angry and found out from someone that the best way to get support was to contact Social Services, NCIUA and the local GP. So I've booked an appointment with the local GP and written a letter to Social Services (Hearing & Vision team) and emailed the NCIUA and go from there. I'm hoping for as much support as possible as it is very stressful for me to keep an eye on my kids all the time as cannot hear them, such as potty training, running around, falling over, learning to crawl, all sorts of sounds that I'm unaware of and it pains me that I'm missing out so much.

I'm hoping to get as much support for the meeting begins in August.

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